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47: Championing Progress, with Jason Crawford

Episode Notes

How exactly am I able to communicate with you? We're not in the same room - we're likely not even in the same state. And if my listener stats are accurate - 30% of you reading this right now live in a completely different country! So... how did we get here? What makes the world modern - technologically, socially, morally - is often under-appreciated, but the history of the modern world is a history of progress. The Roots of Progress founder Jason Crawford believes that understanding that history is key to empowering the next generation to progress ever further.

The Roots of Progress

We Need a New Science of Progress, by Patrick Collison and Tyler Cowen for The Atlantic

Why Did We Wait So Long for the Bicycle? - The Roots of Progress

Scientists May Have Discovered How the Ancient Greeks’ ‘First Computer’ Tracked the Cosmos - Smithsonian Magazine

A Dashboard for Progress - The Roots of Progress

Progress, Stagnation, and Flying Cars - The Roots of Progress

Technological Stagnation - The Roots of Progress

The Roots of Progress Is Now a Nonprofit Organization - The Roots of Progress

Industrial Literacy - The Roots of Progress

Progress Isn't Natural, by Joel Mokyr for The Atlantic

1984 World's Fair

1982 World's Fair

The Institute for Progress

Academy of Thought and Industry

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